You would like to paint your children and yourself? You are interested in new techniques of make up and facepainting or bodypainting?
I´m pleased to be available for your training with my experience as teacher and active artist!


  • Basic Facepainting
    Content: materials, general make up techniques, appliance of water soluble paints, appliance of glitter.
  • Halloween Facepainting
    Content: materials, painting of typical masks for halloween or monster parties, appliance of latex pieces, special effects as blood, wax, painting of simple wounds.
  • Twirls and tribals
    Content: twirls and tribals with water soluble paints, appliance of glitter and pearl powder, different techniques with round and flat brushes.
  • One Stroke technique (make up with Split Cakes)
    Content: Flowers and ornaments with water soluble paints, which contain of 2 or more colours.
  • Tiger, Leopard & Co.
    Content: different variaties of the popular wild cats with water soluble paints, different techniques with round and flat brushes.
  • Party Make Up
    Content: extravagant eyelid line, appliance of glitter and pearl powder, appliance of artificial lashes, use of rhine stones and feathers, basic techniques of eye brow make up and shadowing of the face outlines.
  • Henna Tattoos
    Content: Historic background of body painting with henna, materials, practical production of henna paste, practical work out of patterns, appliance of henna on the skin.

Please ask for prices!
Included all paints and materials. You need a model for the workshop. The workshop only will take place with a minimum amount of 3 participants. Please ask for workshops for single persons!